About Active Alliance Ltd

Formerly Acquidyre Limited, Active Alliance Limited is the company behind a growing number of popular UK websites. Below we recount the story of the company so far...


Ranking number 1 in Google for over 500+ keyword terms including 'speed cameras', SpeedCamerasUK.com has been online since May 2000, and celebrates its 15th year online this year in 2015.

Featuring an online database of UK speed camera locations, the website also includes a guide to all of the different types of speed cameras you may encounter on UK roads. Together with the cameras to enforce road speed limits, the website also features various buying guides including sat navs, speed camera detectors and dash cams.

The website retails the latest in-car devices that alert to the presence of speed cameras and also other in-car devices centred around road safety including tyre pressure monitors and in car cameras.

The retail side of SpeedCamerasUK.com first began in August 2003 (with the sale of a Road Angel detector), but with speed cameras being widely available on other devices including sat navs, a separate retail website ActiveGPS.co.uk was launched in 2005. SpeedCamerasUK.com has subsequently began retailing the latest speed camera related devices and these are now available to buy on both sites.

Finally, with millions of page views each year and with the website ranking so well in Google, the website has also proven to be a great place for advertisers too.

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With the rise of the sat nav in the early noughties and with these devices also including speed camera locations, it was decided to launch a separate retail website - ActiveGPS.co.uk. However, from its very beginnings ActiveGPS.co.uk didn't and doesn't just carry devices that alert to speed camera locations, but instead retails all kinds of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices from those used in-car, to those used in your hand, to those used on a boat out at sea.

ActiveGPS.co.uk retail website first launched in March 2005 (with the sale of a Garmin Quest), and celebrates 10 years of trading this March (2015). ActiveGPS.co.uk is a truly global retailer with many customers purchasing from as far as field as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and South Africa.

While the website is aimed at UK consumers, the website has enjoyed many business to business purchases, including those from government departments.

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Last updated: 8th January 2024